Changing the project's name and moving source folder

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Changing the project's name and moving source folder

Post by vladiator »

I have 2 questions:

1) Changing project name outside of ETG erases images and description
I have changed the name of an .etg file...a project file and all the images and their description have been deleted from the project.
I have NOT used the File/Save Project As option but rather I have changed the file name in Windows.
I tried renaming the file back, but the images and descriptions are gone.
Question: What do I do to restore image descriptions? I have put a lot of work in those descriptions and I need them back. I don't want to retype them.

2) When source image folder is renamed or moved all image descriptions are lost.
Many times the source folder that contains the images I want to use in my gallery, has the wrong name or is placed in the wrong location on the hard drive.
If I rename that folder or move it after the ETG project has been created and saved, all the image descriptions dissapear from the Image tab when I load that project. There is no way, as far as I see, to point the program to the new location and name of the source image folder.
This is a common occurrence for me and I need to be able to point ETG to the new location and name of a source folder while keeping the image descriptions.
Right now I have to retype all the image descriptions.
Question: When moving a source image folder, or renaming it, how do I point ETG to the new folder location/name, without losing image descriptions already existing in the ETG project.

Thanx a bunch.
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Re: Changing the project's name and moving source folder

Post by Maksym »

1) ETG project consists of 2 files: .etg and .eti. The .eti contains all images along with descriptions. The names of both files must be the same (except for extension). So the answer to your question would be: rename both files, make them both have the same name.

2) When you open a project and ETG can not find and image file on its previous location - it'll ask you to shown the new location for that image. But you'll have to do it for every image which is not good if you more than 10 images in a project. So it'll be easier to open the .eti file in any text editor and do a "replace" for the new folder.
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