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special tag list

Posted: 17 Sep 2010, 03:47
by testing
Is there a list of special tags we can examine?
I am looking for the equivalent to [#thumbspage.thumbstable#] for images (a variation of [#imagepage.image#] maybe?) so I can create a template with only images output in one step.
Alternatively, is there a way to manipulate the some of the scripts somehow?
I have been using a batch processing program which duplicates files and folders, then creates a html contact sheet within each folder; however, I would like to use your program instead.
I need to have a quick way to do the following:
enter a subfolder, name each of the pictures within that folder with the name of the folder and the image index,
create the webpage with the name of the folder and either leave it within the same folder or the root folder,
move to the root folder, then into the next subfolder,
repeat the process...
generate a very plain, generic html, single column of resized images without any links to / from from the images or navigation - - essentially a contact page with only img src equals weblink to picture and BR tags to separate them.
Thank you in advance...

Re: special tag list

Posted: 17 Sep 2010, 12:52
by Maksym
All special tags are available in the "Insert special tag" window. In the built-in template editor you can press [ Ctrl + I ] on your keyboard to see that window.

As for your task... All thumbnails in galleries generated with Extreme Thumbnail Generator must be linked to something. Also you can not generate a gallery without thumbnails... It's "Extreme THUMBNAIL Generator" after all. So, in your case I'd suggest using Lightbox effect.

Here is my vision of Extreme Thumbnail Generator usage for your project:

1. Create a gallery template without any navigation.

2. Create new project in Extreme Thumbnail Generator.

3. Add images from sub-folder #1.

4. Set gallery title to sub-folder name.

5.In the [ Options -> Thumbnails -> Thumbnail link ] select "Link thumbnails directly to images" and in the [ Open link in ] select "Lightbox (Javascript effect)". Also set the desired thumbnail size here.

6. In the [Options -> Thumbnails -> Thumbnail title ] clear all boxes and then select the "Custom text" box. In the corresponding edit field add the following:

[#gallery.title_nostyle#] - [#image.index#]

(this also can be used for thumbnail file names)

This way thumbnails will have the desired title containing gallery title (sub-folder name in your case) and the image index.

7. Generate the gallery.

8. Repeat the process from step 2 using next sub-folder.

Re: special tag list

Posted: 19 Sep 2010, 01:29
by testing
I have been testing your program more, it is EXCELLENT - - it appears to be much more safe in the way it
processes files and folders in that it prevents me from accidentally overwriting pictures I am processing - - a BIG plus for me.
I need automatic navigation into a folder since I process dozens of folders at a time with any number of pictures per folder.
Each contact sheet is named by the folder name, and is created is only for the pictures in that individual folder, so the number count has to reset in each folder before moving to the next folder.
I would like to have the "Thumbnail pages filename" feature where I can choose the leading zeroes in the "Thumbnail file name template" area.

If necessary, I could live without everything mentioned above if I could somehow receive the following output:

<img src=" ... g"><br><br>
<img src=" ... g"><br><br>
<img src=" ... g"><br><br>

and so on...
until all of the pictures in the folder were processed (as thumbnails or images, it does not matter).

Is there a way for me to modify [#thumbspage.thumbstable#] or some other special tag to only produce the above output?
My goal is to see the pictures in a single column without titles, with one space between images.

Then I can worry about page title, text details within the webpage, etc. using the other beautiful features of your program :)

Re: special tag list

Posted: 19 Sep 2010, 11:55
by Maksym
Unfortunately current version of Extreme Thumbnail Generator does not rename images... So, I think you could use any third-party software to batch rename all your images and then use the renamed images to generate pages with Extreme Thumbnail Generator using the following special tag:

<img src="[#image.folder_name#]/[#imagepage.image_file_name#]"><br><br>

That's for full-size image pages. For thumbnails pages you have to open gallery options, select the "Folders" tab, check the "Copy thumbnails into sub-folder" box and enter "YOUR_FOLDER_NAME" in the corresponding edit field. Then the resulting output in the thumbnails page will be:

<img src="YOUR_FOLDER_NAME/foldername0001.jpg">

But that's going to be inside the table...

The image rename feature is often required by our users, so I think it'll be added in one of the next versions.

Re: special tag list

Posted: 14 Jul 2015, 12:30
by Maksym
The most recent version now features the following tags that you may find useful in this situation: