Page 1 of 1 template is not working

Posted: 01 Apr 2024, 14:00
by snake2oo6
Hello there, can someone please help me with fixing the in this link: downloader?

I created a basic template that downloads all comics into one folder, which is a real miss.
I read that this template downloads each comic and each issue in a separate subfolder.
However, it seems that the template is out of date or something; it downloads all covers of the Entire website that I have changed and made it limited to only deeper searches.
However, it downloads only pictures that say cover on them and ignores the comic.
Please help me. 

Re: template is not working

Posted: 02 Apr 2024, 12:10
by Maksym
The template you are talking about is for a different website:

And for you can try using the default settings with the exploration type of [ Current directory and deeper ] to download any comic book or series. Downloading search results will require more complicated settings but also pretty easy.