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Forum filter request

Post by smartstud »

is it possible to grab only specific images from forum thread.
I need to scrape only reply photos with #id.
Like #post-1666209
Full URL is: ... st-1666209

When I try to do that in extreme picture finder it returns all images.
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Re: Forum filter request

Post by Maksym »

The only way to do it is using the [ Excluded Page Parts ] to cut out the rest of the page text and leave only post(s) that you want. For this forum it can be done like this:

From: (empty)
To: id="post-1666209"

This will remove all page from the text until the post that you want. If you want - you can add another Regular Expression to remove posts after another post like this:

From: id="post-XXXXX"
To: (empty)

(Replace XXXXX with the actual post ID).

There is another example in this thread:

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