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Posted: 28 Feb 2024, 18:44
by Cheese001
Hi, I have tried to make a template to download from this site the cover and the pdf. But with no success.
Attention: It's necessary the manual access for the cloudflare authentication.
Example of the link: ... uary-2024/

Re: magazinelib

Posted: 29 Feb 2024, 11:38
by Maksym
What settings did you use?

Re: magazinelib

Posted: 29 Feb 2024, 13:22
by Cheese001
Hi Maxim.
I have set [ Current page only ]. And *jp and *pdf.
But nothing is downloaded. Neither the photo nor the pdf.
I think I have to put some more expert settings for this site.

Re: magazinelib

Posted: 29 Feb 2024, 14:08
by Maksym
First of all *jp and *pdf are not valid file masks for JPEG and PDF files. You have to use:


After that, you have to inspect the website/page you want to download from. Preferably by looking at the page source ([ Ctrl + U ] in your browser). But even if you simply hover your mouse over the PDF file link - you will see that this is not a direct link to the PDF file, it's a link to:


(which is a .php file, not a .pdf). And if you use the [ Current page only ] option - Extreme Picture Finder will only try to download direct links to the [ Target Files ]. This means that you cannot use the [ Current page only ] option. You can use ANY other exploration type and apply [ Excluded URLs ] and [ Included URLs ] filters. For example, you can use [ Current directory and deeper ] to prevent Extreme Picture Finder from exploring other pages of and then add filters to the [ Included URLs ] to allow the program crawl only the links that you need, like the one shown above. You can add the following filter:


After that, you can look at the download log of your project to see what's happening with that "admin-ajax.php?action" URL and add more filters.