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Custom parser not working

Posted: 20 Feb 2024, 19:31
by wtf2c4n

I'm trying to download a gallery from homepornbay (for example ... sing3.html) and it's just not working. I can see in the template that EPF is exploiting the fact that the thumbnail and the original image are different only in one letter of the file name. However, EPF is always downloading only thumbnails, and full-size image file names are never generated.

I'm using the latest version (trial), I tried some other templates where a Custom Parser is used and it's working. I used the official template from here tempalates. (BTW, the video template is working, but I need images).

I even tried to debug the regex, but it's good - it's just not applied.

Please advise.

Thank you!

Re: Custom parser not working

Posted: 21 Feb 2024, 11:40
by Maksym
Thank you very much for reporting this problem! The template was updated and you are welcome to re-download it: photo downloader

You will need to create new projects with the new template version. Existing projects are not updated with the settings from the new template version.

The problem was that the Custom Parser was trying to use the content of the <img... > tag and all those tags were removed with the [ Excluded Page Parts ]. So, whenever you want to debug Custom Parsers - first copy the entire page source into the [ Excluded Page Parts ] tester and then copy the [ Resulting page test ] into the Custom Parsers tester.

Re: Custom parser not working

Posted: 25 Feb 2024, 00:37
by wtf2c4n
Hi Maxim,

Weird, I distinctly remember that I suspected something like that is happening and deleted all entries in Excluded page part for debugging purposes and it still didn't work. Must be that I tried with some changed version of the parser that I botched trying to fix it :)

Anyway, I tested updated template and it's working!

Thank you very much for a speedy reaction and response!