Display photos in order of capture?

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Display photos in order of capture?

Post by DaveM »

I have photos of a trip taken on several cameras with different name conventions. Currently the screenshow (if not set to random) shows them in alphabetical order, so it does each camera in turn in capture time order. Is there a way to show them in actual capture time order, so the photos from the cameras get interleaved?
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Re: Display photos in order of capture?

Post by Maksym »

Yes, this feature is in the to-do list already. In the 2.x version, which is being developed right now, users will be able to add not only folders, but also individual files and sort the resulting photo list in the settings in order they want to using not only file names, but also file dates, EXIF dates, IPTC dates.

And if you need it right now - you can use a free tool called Namexif to rename all your files from different sources using EXIF dates automatically. This is what I do every time when I need to combine photos of the same event from different sources.
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