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Photo delay over a network

Posted: 04 Jun 2022, 04:37
by heyitsmewill
I bought a stick computer (Windows 11) to put behind my TV to make it a photo display using the Endless Slideshow Screensaver. My photos are saved on my laptop which is networked to the stick/TV. I've found two problems using the screensaver over a network. The first problem is that it takes a while for the next photo to load. Because some photos are larger than others, I can't control how long each picture is displayed. Could you change the program so that it preloads the next four or five photos so that they will display in a more timely manner? It could also save the previous four or five photos, so that if I hit the Previous Photo key, the recent photos will still be there and not have to reload. Thanks.

Re: Photo delay over a network

Posted: 05 Jun 2022, 14:08
by Maksym
Thank you very much for the suggestion! Added to the to-do list.