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Unattended computer and history file

Posted: 12 Jan 2022, 00:23
by Chris.Landry8011
Is anyone else using this program from an unattended Windows 10 computer? If so, has anyone has found a solution to this issue:

The history file that is meant to record which images have shown does not update unless the screensaver is ended through a physical interaction with the computer. Instead, the history records are kept in RAM until the screensaver is ended and written to the history file at that time.

I've tried ending the program through various automated means, but nothing I've tried so far seems to work to end the program.

Things I have tried:
1. Restarting the computer - This doesn't actually end the program properly, so the history records are lost instead of being written to the file.
2. Logging off the session - Same effect as restarting.
3. Scheduled task for killing all .scr apps that are running - No effect.
4. Scheduled task to simulate mouse movement, mouse clicking, or keyboard presses with Nircmd - No effect.
5. Scheduled task to run an AutoHotKey script that simulates mouse movement, mouse clicking, or keyboard presses - I can see that the script fires off if I set it up to leave evidence, but the screensaver doesn't end.