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New Features

Posted: 28 Mar 2021, 20:19
by MightyIrish
I would like to recommend a few new features:

1) Pan & Zoom (Ken Burns effect) - There was an old Google Photos screensaver that came with Picasa that had this transition effect nailed and Endless Slideshow would benefit from it as well. It really brings a lot of dynamism to still photographs.
2) Photo Collage - This was another cool transition in the old Google Photos screensaver that gave the appearance you were dropping old polaroids on a pile and would also make for a cool transition in Endless Slideshow.
2) Staggered transitions - It would be cool if in multi-monitor setups that the transitions could take place at different intervals for each monitor instead of simultaneously for both monitors. It would be even cooler if those intervals could be randomized.
3) Option to hide the "Starting the slideshow..." text. This can be accomplished by turning to the font color to match the background color but that seems kind of cludgy when a toggle could accomplish it.

Great product. I'd pay for pro version if these features were added. Thanks for all your effort here.

Re: New Features

Posted: 29 Mar 2021, 13:35
by Maksym
Thank you very much for taking your time and sharing all those wonderful suggestions! Adding them to the to-do list!

Re: New Features

Posted: 29 Mar 2021, 18:24
by MightyIrish
Thanks! Keep up the great work.

Re: New Features

Posted: 30 Mar 2021, 17:14
by Tanker_5455
It'd be great to see these functions added, especially the transitions, as it would be more ESS more interesting to see in the corner of your eye, it would make it more "playful", instead of "just" changing from one picture to another.