FANTASTIC Wall Art! - Slide show on power off auto boot

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FANTASTIC Wall Art! - Slide show on power off auto boot

Post by Magicmaniac » 07 Apr 2020, 19:50

GOAL: You set up a screen to be your digital photo frame using Endless SS. it's working great! then, the power goes off or glitches.
When the power comes back on, you would like the slideshow to come back on again WITHOUT having to log in. (or manually reboot)

I have spent hours on this and finally have it "almost" working. I tried to use the forum for help but the words "boot" "slideshow" etc are too common so the search doesn't bring back any results.

Here is what I did:
1 I went into Bios and turned on the auto boot after power interruption feature
2- I modified registry so that the screensaver will start after the computer gets to the boot up lock screen (win 10 pro)
3 - then I hit restart on my machine and wait ...
3- after 60 seconds, the Endless Slide show starts up and works great


When I simulate a power interruption by unplugging my machine, it boots up normally , gets to the lock screen, waits 60 seconds and then errors out!

My theory is that when I hit restart on the machine, that it is starting from a certain user account and remembers that when re-booting.
During a power off re-boot, I think it may be running a different default account when booting up and can't get all the information it needs.
(it is still attempting to start endless SS it just can't find the info it needs)

Has anybody else worked this out? Any ideas or insights? if I get it working I'll put the complete solution on the forum for others.


PS. I am building a 27" digital photo frame to hang on the wall. It consists of a wooden picture frame, monitor and a stick computer.for less that $300 you can have an awesome piece of art on your wall! ( i just don't want to have to take it down from the wall to reboot it after every power glitch)

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Re: FANTASTIC Wall Art! - Slide show on power off auto boot

Post by Maxim » 08 Apr 2020, 13:24

What exactly happens when it "errors out"?

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Re: FANTASTIC Wall Art! - Slide show on power off auto boot

Post by Magicmaniac » 08 Apr 2020, 21:01

It gives me the dreaded "Exception EAccessViolation in module NTDLL.dll at 00036015"
Google that and you get tons of possible reasons it might be happening.

One thing I verified yesterday is that the problem ONLY occurs on the power loss boot up.

When I restart the machine or power down normally and then power up, the screensaver works perfectly

When a power glitch occurs it tries to start the screensaver but then gets the error.

Not to get too detailed but I discovered the normal boot up uses the information in the HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Desktop area of the registry.
After a power glitch, it uses the info in the HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop area

Today I am going to start over with fresh registry and make double sure every thing concerning the screensaver is identical in these two registry paths.

Another thing I'll try is to see whether the error is Endless SS specific. I'll do the whole procedure but try to get a standard screeensaver to work. maybe that will tell me something.

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