how to start a screensaver via .bat?

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how to start a screensaver via .bat?

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I've tried

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start "C:\Program Files (x86)\Endless Slideshow Screensaver\Endless-Slideshow.exe" -s
to no avail

why, because I have 250,000+ images and after some hours the Endless-Slideshow application crashes - and hangs and never starts again
it didn't crash a year ago? did it get an upgrade?

but that's another topic

So I thought to use a software in between to run the screen saver
so I am am using ...

from ...

but I can't get it to start the screensaver

any advice
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Re: how to start a screensaver via .bat?

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The upgrade is actually coming pretty soon. And a very early beta version is already being tested by a few people. If you would like to try it too - please drop me a message at It was tested with more than 100,000 photos and it worked perfectly fine for several days in a row.
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