Slow finding tagged photos over a network

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Slow finding tagged photos over a network

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I bought a stick computer (Windows 11) to put behind my TV to make it a photo display using the Endless Slideshow Screensaver. My photos are saved on my laptop which is networked to the stick/TV. I've found two problems using the screensaver over a network. The second problem is that it takes too long to search for tagged photos. If I put in keywords to display photos with specific tags, it starts searching from the beginning each time the screensaver starts. I have about 113,000 photos and about 18,000 with the tags that I want to display. Even when running the screensaver for 14 to 16 hours in a day, it only finds 11,000 to 13,000 of the tagged photos. And if I touch the keyboard or the network drops, it starts all over. I know you can't speed up my network, but there are two possible solutions. One way would be for the program to keep its index across sessions (even across reboots) so that it can start searching where it left off. When it gets to the end, it could start over to look for newly tagged photos. The other way would be for the program to search for tags randomly among my photos instead of sequentially and I would be blind to the fact that it is starting over each session. (The program already has an excellent random search function.) Thanks again for making such a great screensaver.
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Re: Slow finding tagged photos over a network

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OK, there plans to have "pre-built" image lists which are built-in once in the settings, not every time the screensaver is started.
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