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Post by Incognito » 26 Aug 2021, 11:21

Can someone please help me? Can I tell epf what on webpage I want it to name the files as, even if it is not in the string? And can I have epf name the file multiple thing? Ex., Could I have it put the file name as fallows, name of girl, profession, and cup size? How would I write it to use the values in this areas under there picture

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Re: Naming

Post by Maxim » 26 Aug 2021, 12:20

Right now you cannot use any page text for file naming except for the page title. Plus, currently it's only 1 thing that can be used for the naming: page title, Regular Expression result from file URL or from parent page URL, or any other option from the [ Naming ] section of the project properties.

But we do have plans to allow multiple different things to be used to generate file names in future versions.

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