responsive lightbox gallery

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responsive lightbox gallery

Post by newardle »

I have been trying to alter the "mobile-friendly responsive gallery (White)" template to use the JavaScript Lightbox effect, but I cannot seem to get it to work. I *can* create a lightbox gallery using one of the other templates but can't make it responsive. It seems I can make a responsive gallery or a lightbox gallery, but not both. Am I doing something wrong, or can you not do this?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Re: responsive lightbox gallery

Post by Maksym »

Yes, there are some limitations here. Currently you can not combine "responsive" and "lightbox" in one gallery- lighbox won't work. Of course, you can add it manually (or I could create such template and add it to the program)... But (there is always that "but" thing)...

All responsive galleries do not use "thumbnails table tag" - they all have fixed number of thumbnails per page because they use "single image tag" plus "single description tag". So there will be pagination if your gallery has more photos than there are "single image tags" in the page template. And lightbox can not go through pages - it will cycle through images of only page at a time until user closes it and moves on to the next thumbnails page manually. That's why all templates that use lightbox do not have pagination - they show all thumbnails on one page (by using "thumbnail table tag" which can not be used for responsive galleries).

There is a work-around for this: add more "single image tags" to the page template than there are photos in your gallery...

So, how many photos do you usually have in your galleries?
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