Deleting folders from Local Pictures

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Deleting folders from Local Pictures

Post by gojeffie » 04 Dec 2014, 08:52

I just uninstalled version 1.5 and reinstalled newest version. I have pro. I do not download pictures. I only use my local pictures on my computer. Now that I installed the newest version EVERY SINGLE FILE FOLDER of pictures is listed under local pictures. I only want to use a select few picture folders. I would like to delete ALL of these folders listed and add the folders that I want to use. It seems I can only delete one folder at a time which will take FOREVER! I can't just delete the main picture folders because every single sub folder is listed singly. There must be some way to delete all of these folders at once. Like I said before, deleting all of these folders one at a time would take me, well, FOREVER. Please help!

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Re: Deleting folders from Local Pictures

Post by Maxim » 04 Dec 2014, 11:17

It's easy: select the top folder in the list, then hold the "Shift" button and select (mouse click) the bottom folder.

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