Question about usage...

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Question about usage...

Post by ZNICK » 05 Feb 2014, 07:06

Can I use this to create multiple pages for a large website?

For instance, if I wanted the same site layout on all, but different urls for each city in a state? Here's an example... we'd want each url to have a different state, city and Zip code as well as keywords. Could your software do this?

etc etc etc


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Re: Question about usage...

Post by Maxim » 06 Feb 2014, 15:06

Hello Nick,

Have you tried the software? It's free to try: ... _setup.exe

It looks like you haven't. Because, first of all, Extreme URL Generator does not generate pages. Second, it generates URLs (or any other text lines, for example IP ranges, track lists, anything else) by iterating digits or letters, not keywords.

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