Computer won't sleep

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Re: Computer won't sleep

Post by johnd » 14 Feb 2012, 19:37

SJPatrick wrote:What piece of software sends the WM_SYSCOMMAND message?

Thinking the display adapter driver might do it I updated it to the latest version and there is no change, ESS doesn't stop when the monitor sleeps.

I'm wondering if the lParam return value you mention is being returned with 1 rather than 2. A 1 would indicate the monitor was going into standby mode.

What is the difference between them? The only thing I could find was the sleep turns it off and standby was low power. Kind of odd because sleep is low power too, there has to be some power for it to know when to turn back on.

Thanks for your help.
I was trying to find the solution for turning it back on at some point, but I am still clueless. Have you found out what seems to be a problem?

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Re: Computer won't sleep

Post by Maxim » 15 Feb 2012, 10:32

Nope, no idea :(

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