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Screen saver

Posted: 17 Jan 2010, 02:50
by rabeta
How do I make my ESS come on automatically after set time delay?

Re: Screen saver

Posted: 18 Jan 2010, 10:53
by Maxim
You can run the screensaver installation package one more time. In the end it'll open the Windows Screensaver Settings window where you can set the delay.

Re: Screen saver

Posted: 18 Jan 2010, 18:21
by rabeta
Due to a bug in the system many months ago, I somehow lost the "screensaver" tab in the "Display" window and thus have no access to set screensaver choices by that route. I have downloaded other screensavers that seem to start on their own after what must be a pre-programed non-busy delay. Can ESS do this and if yes, how do I access this option without going through the Windows "Display" window?

Re: Screen saver

Posted: 18 Jan 2010, 18:46
by Maxim
Endless Slideshow Screensaver is supposed to act exactly like any other screensaver in this respect. It must configure the system to launch itself after a pre-defined period of non-busy time at the end of the installation.

If it doesn't happen and you have no access to the "Screensavers" tab, then you can try to change the screensaver settings directly in registry. The key name is

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop

And values are:

ScreenSaveActive - set it to [ 1 ]
SCRNSAVE.EXE - set it to [ C:\Windows\ENDLES~1.SCR ]
ScreenSaveTimeOut - set it to any number of seconds

You may need to restart Windows to apply your new settings.