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Add Music Option

Post by JGTEndlessScreen » 05 Jan 2010, 17:41

Of the available screensavers I was able to use Endless Slideshow was the best! We have the computer connected to the TV and Endless Slideshow is our default screensaver and randomly selects one of the 2000+ photos from our My Pictures directory and folders. We sometimes just watch the screensaver for entertainment.
An option I would like to see in future updates or the pro version is a Music Option:
Our previous photo screensaver had the option to select Playlists from Windows Media player to randomly mix in with the photos. Music along with the photos is more enjoyable. Endless Screensaver unlimited photo selection is awesome!

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Re: Add Music Option

Post by Maxim » 06 Jan 2010, 10:11

Background music is one of the most requested options so far. So, I think we're going to add it soon.

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