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Intermitent error

Posted: 30 Nov 2011, 19:47
by pgendreau
Hello,. I'm running the pro version of the screensaver(most current), and have 3 monitors tied to one PC,. Recently,. I've been seeing a black screen on the primary monitor indicating that it cant find photos,. The other two monitors seem to be fine, as they have photo's being randomly displayed as configured.


And thanks for any input

Re: Intermitent error

Posted: 01 Dec 2011, 11:25
by Maxim
Hmm. This is the first time I receive a report about error like this one. I'll try to find out why could this happen.

Re: Intermitent error

Posted: 01 Dec 2011, 16:00
by pgendreau
The next time the error comes up,. I'll copy the error message down,. or take a picture of it so you can get a better feel,.
Much thanks, Our family loves to come over and watch the 5 PC screens we use as picture frames !