Digital photo frame

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Digital photo frame

Post by gdumont » 22 Mar 2009, 14:14


Sorry for my poor english I'm french...

I'm using this software to transform my laptop into digital photo frame when i'm not using it.

I have fiew suggestions:
- Usually I'm setting the screen saver to start after 10 min of inactivity and the screen power management to shutdown it after 2hours. But when the screen is power off the slideshow is still running using a lot of CPU time and making my CPU fan running at full speed for nothing (sustainable developpement). It could be nice to pause the slideshow when screen is off or alow slideshow program to shutdown monitor after a while or at fixe time (from 11pm till 7am)
- Transitions are nice (actually the nicest I found) but consuming a lot of CPU time. Is it possible, in the transitions sub menu to add a column whith some thing like CPU load and be able to sort it? An icon (or animate icon) will help to select transitions that we like. It could looks like moviemaker transition icon (dark blue and light blue with arrows).
- It could be nice also to allow new subfolder automatic detection.
- French translation will be great also. I plan to install it on my mother's computer but she doesn't speak english at all

Thank's anyway for this great screensaver, moreover free !

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Re: Digital photo frame

Post by Maxim » 23 Mar 2009, 14:56

Thank you very much for your suggestions! I'm sure we'll be able to implement them soon.

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