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GPS location

Posted: 04 Mar 2023, 16:24
by DaveM
Is it possible to show the GPS location in a text field display?

Re: GPS location

Posted: 04 Mar 2023, 16:35
by Maxim
The following IPTC GPS tags can be displayed currently:

[#ttIPTC_City#] - IPTC: City
[#ttIPTC_SubLocation#] - IPTC: Sub-location
[#ttIPTC_ProvinceState#] - IPTC: Province/State
[#ttIPTC_CountryPrimaryLocationCode#] - IPTC: Country/Primary Location Code
[#ttIPTC_CountryPrimaryLocationName#] - IPTC: Country/Primary Location Name

Do you want support for any other tags?

Re: GPS location

Posted: 07 Mar 2023, 12:30
by DaveM
I was thinking of the actual latitude and longitude coordinates.
I will test out your suggestions.#, thank you.

Re: GPS location

Posted: 12 Mar 2023, 17:46
by DaveM
Hi, one of those IPTC codes you suggested is enough for what I need. Many thanks.