Dual Monitors, One Photo

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Dual Monitors, One Photo

Post by GeeBird » 15 Apr 2021, 19:18

Hi, Been using the slideshow as my screensaver for several months and just upgraded to the Pro version so I could start organizing my photos a bit. I've got two monitors, so - in Windows 10 - a different picture appears on each monitor. I'd like to be able to save a single picture to the designated folder using the hotkey. Can I configure it so that the same picture displays on both monitors? That would allow me to do it, since the it saves both photos.

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Re: Dual Monitors, One Photo

Post by Maxim » 16 Apr 2021, 11:49

Right now it's impossible to show the same picture on all monitors, but this feature is in the to-do list already.

I guess we could also add keys, say [1] - [9], to save from corresponding monitors, just like [X] key saves from all monitors.

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Re: Dual Monitors, One Photo

Post by Tanker_5455 » 16 Apr 2021, 19:26

If that helps, I've already found a partial solution: I've copied the pictures used in my slideshow folder. Each one of them is there twice, and I thus have the "same" picture on each monitor.
It's only a partial solution, though, as of course, the transition from one pic to another happens screen by screen, which means that half of the time, there are different pictures.

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