Screen Saver Works but Not Always!

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Screen Saver Works but Not Always!

Post by csteury » 20 Sep 2020, 04:25

This screensaver/slideshow is just what I was looking for but it doesn't always startup reliably for me I don't really think this is a problem with "Endless Slideshow Screensaver", but rather a Windows problem. Sometimes it works after a period of inactivity other times not, even if the computer has not been active for a *long* time. I've double checked the Windows settings, registry, etc and everything looks ok. My hypothesis is that something is running that Windows 10 interprets as user activity. I've been trying to track it down but so far to no avail. Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem and give me an idea of where to look? I've been thinking of writing my own "activity-checker" service which would start "Endless Slideshow Screensaver" after i.e. mimic built-in mechanism, but I'm not sure exactly where to begin. Obviously this is not the preferred path!

Thanks in advance!


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Re: Screen Saver Works but Not Always!

Post by Maxim » 21 Sep 2020, 13:10

Have you tried re-installing the screensaver? It does help in some situations.

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Re: Screen Saver Works but Not Always!

Post by ralft » 25 Oct 2020, 00:27

I also have problems especially the computer which had an older version. With the newest version it mostly will not run. With my main PC it locks up on a random photo without any of the selected txt. When that happens it is totally unresponsive to the mouse or key strokes. But ctrl - alt- delete wakes the PC up again.

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