Downloading dynamic server images

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Downloading dynamic server images

Post by rezn8 » 21 Nov 2009, 08:08

I'm trying to download from a list of urls similar to the one below: ... in?wid=500

These are server generated images. I'm having a lot of trouble with the settings. How would I do it if there's no actual extension to download. Can you post the settings I need on my project?


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Re: Downloading dynamic server images

Post by Maxim » 21 Nov 2009, 10:43

You can use any generic part of the script name for target file (like *_main), or even * (meaning all files are target files). Also in the project properties, in the [ Save - Naming ] section check the Change the file extension to box and enter .jpg in the corresponding edit field. Also, if the wid parameter of the URL is different for every image, then you can check the Use query string for file name box along with the Use value of the following parameter box and enter wid in the edit field (Check out the screenshot below).


Using the above settings I've download the image from your URL and it was saved with the name 500.jpg

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