How Can I Download Forums?

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How Can I Download Forums?

Post by m1garand1990 » 03 Jun 2009, 20:26

What parameters do I need, so I can download the attached files in the topics posted at certain forums/subforums, without the application swaying to other sites or visiting useless links like member pages/separate posts?

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Re: How Can I Download Forums?

Post by Maxim » 05 Jun 2009, 12:15

The general rule for downloading from forums is to use "Exclude URLs" and "Include URLs" filters. Usually forums have a lot of addresses you do not need, so first of all you have to exclude all URLs by adding the following exclude filter:


That's point and asterisk - a regular expression saying "any character any number of times". Then you have to find out where the image files are actually stored by opening one of the images and viewing its properties. And then you add to the "Include URLs" filter part of page URL where image is shown and part of image file URL (usually domain name is enough). For example the images are stored on So you add:

to the Included URLs filter.

If you give me the actual forum address then I'll be able to tell you exactly what filters you have to add to make Extreme Picture Finder download images effectively.

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