SimpCity Template Download Specific Pages

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SimpCity Template Download Specific Pages

Post by nick90226 »

Hello all,

I download a lot of images off of SimpCity using the SimpCity template. It would be super useful if I could configure the template to download only after a specific page.

For example, if a certain thread has 10 pages of images, I want to only download everything after the 6th page.

Any help on this would be very appreciated.
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Re: SimpCity Template Download Specific Pages

Post by Maksym »

Well, it's not that difficult. You will need to create a project with all pages you want to download from as Starting addresses. Like this:


You can use a built-in URL Generator to generate thousands of page addresses with a single mouse click - simply click the [ Generate ] button under the [ Starting addresses ] field.


After the project is created - open the project properties, select the [ Included URLs ] section, and remove the following filter:


This filter allows Extreme Picture Finder to crawl other pages of the thread, so if you remove it - the software will only use URLs that you provided as Starting Addresses.
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