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Post by madnauseam » 26 Oct 2023, 11:10

This was posted on a different thread related to another site and perhaps it should be in a thread of its own for future reference.

Can we get a template for ?

Browsing by tags follows the following pattern:

Code: Select all[TAG]/index_[PAGENUMBER].html

Such as:
Models are similar:

Code: Select all[model_name]/

Each photo album follows the pattern:

Code: Select all[PHOTO_ALBUM]_[PAGE NUMBER].html

Thank you

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Re: Template

Post by Maxim » 30 Oct 2023, 12:38

Here is a template: downloader

But Extreme Picture Finder didn't need any template for this website - the default settings would have worked just fine.

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Re: Template

Post by madnauseam » 03 Nov 2023, 00:58

Oh, my fault then.

Thank you Maxim.

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