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Download from

Post by jfdk » 07 Dec 2022, 08:27

I am trying to download the pictures from But even though I can see the in the <div id="thumbnail-divs">. all the links to the images - I am not able to get the pictures downloaded.

Can anyone help me with some ideas how to get it working?

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Re: Download from

Post by Maxim » 07 Dec 2022, 16:43

Well, inspecting page elements doesn't always work when it comes to Extreme Picture Finder. Because in case of they are all generated with JavaScript. You have to look at the page text (Ctrl + U in your browser) to see what Extreme Picture Finder sees. Plus AJAX requests if you use [ Manual login ] browser in your project.

The only thing that can be done here - is the automatic download of images currently shown on only one page :( The main problem here is that the AJAX response which contain links to the images is encoded - it does not contain plain text as it supposed to:

and ... 3701.index

Those are the URLs that I would have used to get image URLs data if they were not encoded.

If you, or anyone else, know how to decode such files - please tell me - I'll be happy to create a template.

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