Naming alt tag

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Naming alt tag

Post by smartstud » 13 Nov 2022, 12:56

Template is: ... ownloader/

The code:
<a class="pin" href="pics/Lidia+Nene+nude+boobs+and+hairy+bush+at+La+piel+en+llamas:af01385aa5d572dd27cc4312e62df9ee:L:X">
<img alt="Lidia Nene nude boobs and hairy bush at La piel en llamas" data-src="thumbs/a/f/0/af01385aa5d572dd27cc4312e62df9ee.jpg" src="thumbs/a/f/0/af01385aa5d572dd27cc4312e62df9ee.jpg" height="301"></a>

But alt naming does not work.

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Re: Naming alt tag

Post by Maksym » 14 Nov 2022, 11:28

This template uses a Custom Parser to create a full-size image URL from a thumbnail URL, so the resulting URL is not a part of the <img ...> tag anymore. That's why naming with the alt="..." tag doesn't work.

But you could modify the Custom Parser to add the content of the alt tag to the end of the resulting full-size image URL to make it look like this:


Expression: alt="([^"<>]+)"[^<>]+="thumb(s/[^"]+)"
Result: image[#2]?filename=[#1]

and then in the [ Naming ] section of the project properties select [Use query string for file name] option, check the [ Use value of this parameter for file name ] box and enter "filename" in the corresponding field:


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