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Post by PicFinder » 17 Aug 2022, 16:39


I am having difficulty getting EPF to work for this site. I have used the generic template to attempt downloading but this has not worked. I would like to download all associated images/videos/gifs from the scrolling page as well as associated linked categories.

For example, I would like all images/videos/gifs from
This page happens to have only Panda_Gifs as a category link for all files.

This page includes different category links within it. I want all the images/videos/gifs from the page and images/videos/gifs from the linked category pages as well.

This page has only 1 video, but if you scroll down or click the arrow to the right there are more images/videos/gifs from other categories. How can I program EPF to get all of these?

I checked the Templates area on EPF but there is nothing related to this site.

Thank you for your assistance,

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Re: template

Post by Maxim » 18 Aug 2022, 15:32

I don't get it. You want entire website content? Not just a category or subreddit? I think I can do the following - you start a project, the built-in browser opens with your starting URL, then you log in, if you need to, and scroll down as much as you can. Once you've had enough scrolling - you click [ Continue download ] button and Extreme Picture Finder downloads content from all the posts that were in your built-in browser. The more you scroll - the more Extreme Picture Finder downloads.

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