how to download the .pdf files from this site

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how to download the .pdf files from this site

Post by xooah » 04 Aug 2022, 20:48

the site is:
i want to download the .pdf files from the section: Free Past Performances: Sires
i know i have to add the tag *.pdf* to the target files. but every pdf file on this site is named the same: "bw_pdf_viewer"
i can only get 1 file then the download says its finished.
also the site is very sensitive and will temporary block you out after so many tries from extreme picture finder. i need to download all the .pdf from this site preferably from the section "Free Past Performances: Sires". i guess extreme picture finder will have to re number the files and not get blocked after so many tries. i will have to rename the files after it gets them
if anyone can make a template and post it here or send it to my email that would be a great thanks

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Re: how to download the .pdf files from this site

Post by Maxim » 05 Aug 2022, 13:03

Please try this project:

Right-click the above link and select [ Save link as... ], then double-click the saved file to add it to Extreme Picture Finder and start the project in the program.

I couldn't test it properly because the website which actually holds PDFs does not allow access from my location.

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