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Post by Superjudge » 01 Jun 2022, 22:00

Hi Guys
I see you have the Gallery template for https://urlgalleries.net wich is cool for individual galleries
can it be posible to make a "All Galleries From This Blogger" termplate which will download all available galleries with each gallery into a sperate folder

for example https://sexting.urlgalleries.net/ has over 700 pages of galeries to download ;-)

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Re: urlgalleries.net

Post by Maxim » 02 Jun 2022, 17:23

OK, please try this one:

urlgalleries.net downloader

It's built entirely on the "gallery" template with the added ability to crawl blog pages. It's not recommended to remove delay between downloads or increase the number of simultaneous connections - your IP will be banned pretty quickly because every image link goes through the urlgalleries site first - there are no direct image links.

IT also works with bog search results and categories. Please try it and let me know if it worked for you.

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