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ImageFap file naming

Posted: 30 May 2022, 22:17
by SignalMafia
I have a problem with saved file names of downloaded pictures using imagefap gallery template v.20.
Under template properties / Save / Naming / Advanced the lower option is selected - "use value of the following attribute" and alt is written in the field.
The filename saved also contains the name of the gallery, which is not desired.

For example: ... -ends-0419
Instead of picture filename saved on disk as tqovdd4.jpg I get odds-an-ends-0419 - tqovdd4.jpg

Thanks for your help.

Re: ImageFap file naming

Posted: 31 May 2022, 12:01
by Maxim
Well, the value of the "alt" attribute contains the gallery name too. That's why it appears in the resulting file name. This is the best available naming option for the imagefap right now. But please feel free to try other options. And share the results if you come up with a better solution please.

We already have plans of re-doing the way Extreme Picture Finder works with file naming, including the ability to apply Regular Expressions to the file names generated from "normal" sources, which are available now.