Feature Requests - Sub Folder Options

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Feature Requests - Sub Folder Options

Post by Beniled » 22 Feb 2022, 19:49

A couple of cool additions to the "Additional Tab" of the "Sub-folders" settings would be the ability to do character replaces? Like maybe have a list area like you do for the regex sections on the "Expert" tab that would allow us to add rules for replacing characters in the Folder string. but instead of Regex you would have a "Replace" and "With" column. That way we could do multiple replaces for sites that use all sorts of wonky shit. Would be nice to replace dashes with spaces for example.

Also, it would be awesome to have an option to like capitalize the first letter of each word in the folder name. Just think that looks nicer, personally.

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Re: Feature Requests - Sub Folder Options

Post by Maxim » 23 Feb 2022, 16:26

That's a good idea. Thank you. Adding to the to-do.

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