Problem with the Flickr "Album Template" (ver.12)

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Problem with the Flickr "Album Template" (ver.12)

Post by MisterBlondeBR » 29 Dec 2021, 05:39

I've notice that the version 12 of the template " - album template" is not capturing the album name to use as a subfolder name.
It's using the end of the URL instead, for example:

An album called "Any Name" with the URL "albums/72157594322434095" generates a folder "72157594322434095".

In previous versions of the template the name of the created folder would be "Any Name". ... -template/

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Re: Problem with the Flickr "Album Template" (ver.12)

Post by Maxim » 29 Dec 2021, 13:01

Well, it's always a better choice to rely on URLs when creating sub-folders than on page titles... But you can always change it yourself in the project properties, [ Save - Sub-folders ] section. Creating projects from downloaded templates does not mean you can't change their properties. In fact, you can modify properties of the downloaded templates also! Extreme Picture Finder does not limit you in any way here.

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