extreme strange problem with girlsreleased.com

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extreme strange problem with girlsreleased.com

Post by Paulin » 08 Jul 2021, 12:00

Hello everyone,

well i would like to use epf software to d/l from above url, with the template. it doesnt work.

Whats more strange since a few months my browser firefox doesnt show any pics on this url. only the headline text like sets models... by clicking on sets nothing happens.

with edge browser the same. Also with ubuntu linux installed on the second partition and pale moon the same. no pics. Java is on.

On a friends macbook air and on my desktop computer with windows XP lol... the page works as normal.

My laptop is a huawei matebook x pro.

any suggestions on this ?


if ie i type https://girlsreleased.com/#set/120614 pics are displayed, some are broken btw...so i am more confused..

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Re: extreme strange problem with girlsreleased.com

Post by Maxim » 09 Jul 2021, 11:31

It looks like there are problems with your Internet connection to the actual image hosting websites that are used by girlsreleased.com. You see, this website does not store the images, it shows the images stored on imagetwist.com and imx.to. My connection seems to be better, so Extreme Picture Finder saved all 14 images from your URL pretty quickly:


Basically, if you do not see the images in your browser - Extreme Picture Finder won't download them either. You could try using proxy servers to improve things.

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