Help with a Specific site

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Help with a Specific site

Post by WillemLa » 20 May 2021, 21:05

Not sure what I am doing wrong, but I tried to follow the instructions carefully for creating a new project.
I had some good success in running and cloning (replicating) a template I found for xhamster pictures, but for the following site, not so lucky.
Could you maybe try to assist and tell me how to go about creating a project for this one please.
The URL is as follows:
On that site, multiple selections are available.
When you click on a type of picture, it opens in a new tab.
I tested with the 'flexible' one first.
Once that window is open, again multiple selections are available.
When you click on a photo, a new tab opens again, but redirects to a different site.
So what would be the easiest way to get Extreme Picture Donwloader to download the pics from those different sites, or a specific one.
Clearly one can safe the previous page as a text file, and get all the links to copy to EPD, but I had no success that way (it worked well with Xhamster).
Please assist.

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Re: Help with a Specific site

Post by Maxim » 21 May 2021, 12:19

This website is a perfect example of TGP (Thumbnail Gallery Post) website - it doesn't have any content of its own, but has a lot of direct links to galleries located on external websites. Extreme Picture Finder offers a generic template for such websites called Download pictures and videos from TGP category page. The URL of

represents "Flexible" category and must be used with the the above template. You can also add


to the [ Gallery link contains ] field of the [ Site exploration - TGP site or page ] section in the project properties to speed-up the process.

Unfortunately, a lot of links from this page lead to the galleries on website. This website generates gallery content using JavaScript and Extreme Picture Finder cannot execute JavaScript during download process right now. So these galleries will not be saved. But the rest of them - will.

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