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Post by Dudeguy » 26 Dec 2020, 03:38

Merry Christmas!

So after a couple hours looking into this, IDM failing, Ive started on your software.

Problem: has some directories that are not individually downloadable. Either download 200GB to get it or download 1 file at a time (1000s).

So I setup EPF to download Current directory and deeper, and reproduce file structure.

The issue now is even though 99% of the files are in .zip format and i have all images/compression formats checkmarked, I can see EPF processing through things, it SEES the zip files, but then doesn't actually download them. I do not have any filters for size or number set up. It should download anything it sees thats a zip. Can someone help me figure out why? What can I best provide for this?

Here is an example of one of the URL files it sees, but skips over: ...

Posts: 5
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Re: Directories

Post by Dudeguy » 26 Dec 2020, 03:51

Ah found out. Even though the links for the zip files look like they are within the the directory, (mousing over them says they are) they actually go outside of the directory to fetch the file. What fuckery!

Changed the downloading to go down 3 levels and its working better, just downloading things from places not really desired.

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