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template for

Posted: 22 Oct 2020, 11:59
by gokenn33
Hi guys

looking for a template for

Full example of a channel:

sad to say i'm a relative noob with creating a templates myself. (pro at using them :P)
managed to filter out the "_thumbs"
But i cant get it to load more then the first ...?page=1

If anyone could create a template for this that would be very much apricated.

Re: template for

Posted: 23 Oct 2020, 14:50
by Maxim
Here is a template: - channel template

Please do not increase the number of simultaneous downloads and do not remove the delay between downloads in order not to trigger this website's CloudFlare protection.

Re: template for

Posted: 23 Oct 2020, 15:24
by gokenn33
you, good sir, are a star!

Thank you very much!