template for https://hindi-fonts.com/fonts/

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template for https://hindi-fonts.com/fonts/

Post by smith » 09 Oct 2020, 00:22

Hai Maxim

Can please helm me to download all fonts which are in archive file please make template for me

Thank you

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Re: template for https://hindi-fonts.com/fonts/

Post by Maxim » 09 Oct 2020, 12:05

You can't. This site uses reCaptcha :(

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Re: template for https://hindi-fonts.com/fonts/

Post by bowu » 07 Nov 2020, 23:50

I didn't make you a template.

However I did index all of the fonts using an automation I made.
(Which ended up indexing 976 fonts)

Font list [.txt]
The .zip path only works on an IP/Cookie (haven't tested which) that has passed the reCaptcha and other checks on download button click.
My suggestion would be to create a program using puppeteer, selenium, or some other automation, to pass through the checks, then proceed to download.

https://github.com/berstend/puppeteer-extra/ is what I generally use with NodeJS to bypass some checks
If you don't want to make it in NodeJS, and rather in Go Lang or any other as long as you inject JS before the page etc...
Check out this, compile it, https://github.com/go-rod/bypass/
I compiled it using the go-rod/bypass, here's a already compiled version as of [10/28/2020] https://pastebin.com/mKjvp5H9

-- Sorry that I wasn't very helpful.

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