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Job Offer

Post by smartstud » 14 Sep 2020, 15:07

Hello to all EPF users, I have some questions for you all and maybe you can earn some money if you have the right skills that I need.

Are you good with topic research? Can you collect best links for specific topic? Can you download images and videos from those sources using ETF? Are you comfortable with looking at celebrity nude pictures?
If your answered YES to all questions, then you have probably found a job.

I'm ready to pay one of you guys 150$/month for doing 1h per hour and if you are skilled I think that you can do the work in less then 20 mins per day after some time.

If you are interested please leave your email address, please reply starting with "AWESOME my email is ....."
Payment via PayPay or Paxum.

Thank you guys.

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