How to contribute to EPF? Where to upload my stuff ...???

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How to contribute to EPF? Where to upload my stuff ...???

Post by INDIAN » 01 Sep 2020, 17:43

Hi, I like your software, its nice, easy (friendly) and very helpful and I would like to contribute a little to EPF.I'm using the regular trial version of EPF for past 8 days and have developed a couple of templates and search engines and file types modifications to expand EPF's functionality.For instance I have couple of versions of search engines.viz.

→ the regular safe search on/off version.
→ the safe search always off version for EPF below ↓ ver.3.5.
→ the 35 different search engines pack, to search a same query string simultaneously on 35 different search engines at the same time.
→ the geo-location based search engines, to fetch results from a partucular geo-location , even from a partucular Country → State → District [US only]
City [US only]
→ the time based search engines, to fetch the files from different time intervals, e.g, past 24 hrs, last year, in last 10 years and so on,

→ the combo version of search includes all above.


→ a special version which encloses all above capabilities plus it can let you search as many times as many results simultaneously and countinously without being blacklisted by search engines.[except YANDEX, the only exception].

And I have modified EPF to dowload hell lot of stuff other than images, even it supports dorks.
Please tell me where should I upload my stuff .... I'm new on board.

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Re: How to contribute to EPF? Where to upload my stuff ...???

Post by Maxim » 02 Sep 2020, 13:34

You can send everything to - that is the fastest way.

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