E-Hentai image skip

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E-Hentai image skip

Post by XMAD222 » 10 Apr 2020, 22:24

Hi. How can i skip certain images in e-hentai because there is a 5000 credit limit per ip and some of the galleries need more then 5000 credits. So how to skip a range of images.
i.e 1 : a gallery have 800 images so in first project i download the 500 images and my 5000 credits are used. so i change my ip and make a new project to download the last 300 images. now i need to skip the first 500 images.
i.e 2 : in the first project skip the images which are already downloaded and download the rest.
How can i do that or u have some other solution for this.
There is a torrent option but torrents are not always updated.

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Re: E-Hentai image skip

Post by Maxim » 11 Apr 2020, 11:05

There is no way in Extreme Picture Finder to do that automatically. You can manually stop the download after s certain amount of images, go to the program settings, change the proxy server and the resume the project.

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