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Post by neroneronerop » 01 Dec 2019, 06:48

Hi sorry it´s me again. If possible I need a template for the site:
I have tryed it many times but i can´t get it to work properly. It only download the "thumbnails" not the source:/
Maybe someone can create a working template? :)

Search: Portrait-of-a-Young-Woman---Colorized
Get this (for example only 1 pic but normaly more) -> ... -Colorized

My Problem:
if the tool load the pic it is only the thumbnail ( ... orized.jpg)

For this (the full-pic):
You need to click on the pic/ enter the site ( ... rized.html) and then click Download Image.

Big thx in advance for help. Like i said, i tryed and don´t get it to work :/

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Re: Template

Post by Maxim » 01 Dec 2019, 12:55

I do not have login/password for this website. And it seems like it is required to be a registered user in order to get the full-size image. If you want - send me your login/password to and I'll try to find out if Extreme Picture Finder can download from this website.

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