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Only Log Hyperlinks

Post by neroneronerop » 28 Jul 2019, 20:20


maybe I only haven´t found it but can the software make a "list" of our searchterms?

For Example:
Site: ... 1.2308447/ till ... 47/page-19

Links I want to "list":

Output (after the tool has finished):
... (and so on)

Thanks in advanced

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Re: Only Log Hyperlinks

Post by Maxim » 29 Jul 2019, 12:17

Actually you can. First you have to create a project which will go through all thread pages and collect the links. Like this one: - archives from thread

(use right-click, Save file as... menu item to save the project file)

Then you run the project and let it finish. It will save all the ".rar" files (which are actually pages) so bandwidth won't be taken.

Then you use menu item [ Project -> Export file list... ] and select Target file URL column, just like show on the screenshot:


That's it. Now select the file name and click OK and it's all done.

You can create a template from the above project to make it easier for you to grab archive URLs from other threads. Menu item [ Project -> Create template from project... ]. Plus you can automate the creation of the URL list in the project properties, After completion section.

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