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celeb gallery sites

Posted: 22 Jun 2019, 13:09
by gwen
I have tried and failed to download the full sized images and can only get thumbnails from these sites

Anyone know how to download a whole album of the big pictures and not thumbnails ... ?album=516 this is one album i have tried downloading and only gotten thumbnails

Re: celeb gallery sites

Posted: 24 Jun 2019, 12:41
by Maxim
It looks like the problem is in the "Excluded URLs". By default Extreme Picture Finder ignores all URLs that contain "#" character. And this site links to image pages using URLs only with "#" character. So you should create a project with manual settings, and the following starting address:

Then select "Regular Site -> Current directory and deeper" in the "Site exploration" and use the following filters in the "Excluded URLs":


Also you'll have to use maximum of 5 simultaneous connections and a delay between downloads in the "Site exploration -> Options" because website is trying to block auto-downloaders.