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Help me with Template for

Posted: 18 Mar 2019, 00:31
by looqlocq
Can someone create Template to download all galleries/albums (images within all albums) from
i tried to create a Template by myself but that only download cover pictures from all albums.

for example: is the link to profile (main page) of Beyonce on
My templates download only cover pics of all galleries/albums of beyonce on this page.
i want to download complete albums. every picture of beyonce in all albums on
i am not JavaScript expert.
please create a template to download all complete galleries/albums of beyonce (or any specific) on


Re: Help me with Template for

Posted: 18 Mar 2019, 15:41
by Maxim
Here is a template which will download all photos from all albums of any selected celebrity on - celebrity template

Re: Help me with Template for

Posted: 18 Mar 2019, 21:36
by looqlocq
Thanks Bro, you are amazing..
Its working perfectly.

Re: Help me with Template for

Posted: 08 May 2019, 02:50
by looqlocq
Hello Maxim

The template you posted " - celebrity template" was working amazing, but sadly doesn't work anymore. website theme is updated. can you please update that template for us.

Thank You

Re: Help me with Template for

Posted: 08 May 2019, 13:03
by Maxim
Done. But you still have to make sure you use the correct URL as a starting address. For example, if you use URL like this: ... ies/page/1

which is actually redirected to this

then the project won't work, because EPF will not allow that redirect. So checking where your starting URL is actually pointing by pasting it in browser is highly recommended before pasting that starting URL into Extreme Picture Finder. I see the same problem a lot with imagefap and xhamster templates. People often use URLs of deleted galleries or URLs with http instead of https without actually checking those URLs in browser. And EPF fails inevitably with those invalid URLs but people still blame Extreme Picture Finder...

Re: Help me with Template for

Posted: 08 May 2019, 20:54
by looqlocq
Thank you Bro,
template is working again. Great
your recommendations for checking url was helpful, Thanks
one thing surprised me i didn't posted the url i was trying, but you knew the exact url, ... ies/page/1
is that possible

Re: Help me with Template for

Posted: 08 May 2019, 22:07
by looqlocq
Hi Maxim

Need your help again,

After trying the new template, i found that there is still two problem in new template,

1. This template downloads only one pictures in each album (only the front pictures of all album) (not all pictures in album)
2. The only front pictures downloaded are also not the original picture in full size but in small size which is displayed as cover of album.

Can you please Solve this...

I am trying to explain it with example.

I tried the URL

1. It downloaded all the albums but only one picture in each album which is the cover pic of those album.

2. and the cover pictures downloaded are not in original size, for example: the first picture in first album is downloaded from address ... 20x932.jpg
which is resized

the address to open or download the same picture in original & full Size is this ... ol--07.jpg

Can you please Solve these issues.

Thank You

Re: Help me with Template for

Posted: 10 May 2019, 13:13
by Maxim
That's strange. That's absolutely not the result that I'm receiving. Please take a look this screenshot:


Maybe you need to re-download the template? ... -template/

What version of the program do you use?

Re: Help me with Template for

Posted: 20 May 2019, 14:49
by looqlocq
Thank You Maxim,
Your response is always helpfull.
Earlier i was using EPF version, now i updated EPF and it is
and then i re-downloaded the template from recommended link and it is working great now. Thanks
I am really loving EPF.

Bro if i want to make templates for more websites by myself, what it requires me to learn, the basics of java scripts or something else, please guide me.
There are few really top rating pictures sites ( I want to make templates for these sites and more in futures.
I downloaded many templates that you created and open them in notepad to understand them, i learned little from them but still not able to make templates for new websites. will you please guide me or recommend me some websites/Source for learning so i can create more templates for other sites, if i made them i will also share them here so they can be useful for other users also.

Re: Help me with Template for

Posted: 20 May 2019, 15:33
by Maxim
You shouldn't look at them in Notepad. It's pointless. Templates in Extreme Picture Finder are just a way to store and re-use project settings. So you can open any template properties in the program from the template browser window (menu item [ Templates -> Open local templates library... ]) by selecting it and using menu item [ Template -> Template properties ].


Then click [ View/modify project properties... ] button at the bottom of the template properties window to see the actual project properties. Or simple open the properties of the project created with the template of your interest.

Basically, you only need templates if you are going to download a lot (but not all) content from the same website, like only selected galleries from a website. Then you create a template so that Extreme Picture Finder can re-use the project settings every time you want to download from that very website again.

But first comes the download project itself. You have to create an actual working project (without any template or using the built-in generic one) that does download the content you need and only then you can create a template using settings from that working project.

So there is absolutely no sense looking at the template in Notepad.