Auto name folder

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Auto name folder

Post by MisterQuaker » 13 Nov 2018, 13:20

Hey, does anyone know how I could auto name the destination folders?

for example I'd like to download from ... 8.2614230/

and i'd like it to automatically save to a folder called "ClubSeventeen Anya Mozok - Sexy Student Undressing in The Library - x94 - 4000px (29 Oct, 2018)" instead of " - threads-anya-mozok-sexy-student-undressing-in-the-library-x94-4000px-29-oct-2018.2614230".

thank you! :D

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Re: Auto name folder

Post by Maxim » 14 Nov 2018, 12:11

Destination folder is something that you can manually copy/paste from the page when you create a new project:


You can use the page title to create sub-folders in the destination folder automatically. You should use "Advanced" tab in the "Save -> Sub-folders" section of the project properties with the following Regular Expression:


Take a look:


Please note that folder names generated this way can be too long and exceed the maximum allowed folder name length in Windows, which is 255 characters. In this case the generated folder name is truncated automatically. So you should use something like


as your main destination folder to make sure that full path of the saved file is less than 255 characters.

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